Atlas ARTIS Cement Grout 5kg

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Highly flexible advanced fine cement grout with silver molecule. 
ATLAS ARTIS GROUT is intended for the most demanding users appreciating aesthetics, functionality, safety and durability. ATLAS ARTIS GROUT is manufactured in the form of dry mix of cement binder, specially selected aggregates, fillers, pigments and modifying additives of the highest quality.

safety of use – owing to the elimination of micro scratches and cracks, discolouration and efflorescence during application and in long term operation – as the result of content of selected aggregates and special cement mix. 
hygiene and safety of use based on hybrid action of bio active substances and ions of silver – the grout protects against development of mould, algae and bacteria, even in case of frequent surface damp, possibility of application with any type of tiles, owing to high adhesion and vast joint width range (1-25 mm). 
high resistance to UV rays owing to the use of special, strictly selected inorganic pigments, additionally protected against degradation by hydrophobic polymer, which makes the grouts durable and intensive in time. 
high resistance to washing, scrubbing and abrasion as well as cleaning agents, which makes the grout maintenance easy during whole period of use. 


GUARANTEED COLOUR – owing to the use of special, strictly selected inorganic pigments, additionally protected against degradation by hydrophobic polymer, the grouts keep durable and intensive colours for years. 
PEARL EFFECT – very low absorptiveness (4 times lower after 30 minutes and 6 times lower after 240 minutes than the PN-EN 13888 standard requirement) – the use of structural and coat hydrophobic additives protects the surface against penetration of dirt and discolouration. 
MYCO PROTECT – the addition of bio active substances protects the grout against development of fungi, mould and algae. 
BIO BARRIER AG+ - owing to the use ions of silver the grout holds antibacterial properties. 
COLOR PROTECT – extends colour durability – protects against discolouration and efflorescence (the grout is manufactured on aluminium cement base), increases resistance to dirt, UV rays, oils and detergents; the uniformity of the colour is guaranteed by the exceptional homogeneity of the mortar and uniform distribution and granulation of pigments.


Atlas Artis Tile Grout Technical Data Sheet

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