WANDELI QXZ-ZD-1200/50 Automatic Wet Saw/Tile Cutter



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Professional, precise and very light electric tile cutter WANDELI QXZ-ZD 1200 with automatic feed, is a NEW GENERATION of machines for processing ceramics, stoneware and natural stone.

Automatic mode - automatic cutting and automatic return of the working head to the cutting start point after cutting is finished;
Semi-automatic mode - automatic cutting and shutdown after cutting;
Manual mode - cutting in manual mode as in an ordinary electric cutter.

 Aluminium body

 Light weight & mobile (transport in one person)


 Guide laser

Cost effective consumables (Cutting Blades up to 125mm, max cutting thickness 30mm, optimally 115mm)

The rail protection on the inside (from the table) prevents the rollers from getting dirty

Possibility of cutting with the use of a template (repeatable cutting)

The possibility of using special blades on the machine for making non-slip grooves on the tile and bullnose edges

The possibility of installing two blades at once, which allows you to cut the tile at the same time and make an original edge


Motor 220-240V, 50Hz,
Max blade size/diameter  Ø125
Cooling water pump DC 24V, 30W, 6L/min, 9m
 Work table size 1200x500mm
Max cutting length 1200mm
Max tile size for diagonal cuts (square) 850mm
Max cutting depth 90°  30mm
Max cutting depth 45° 20mm
Machine weight 63kg


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If you would like to see this machine in action, learn more about features and capabilities contact us to book a presentation or if you have any questions call directly to our technical support 0221626563.

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