WAX CARE Plus for Oiled Timber Floors (1L)



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After the floor is laid is recommended to be protected with Wax Care.

Agent for first and periodic care of wood floors finished with natural oil.
Ecological product:

  • when applied regularly it protects, regenerates and refreshes a surface
  • displays hydrophobic properties.
  • it is recommended that you use Wax Care for first care for all types of floors finished with natural oil. After drying, the silky matt surface may be polished using a towel or polisher to achieve a high degree of polish


Wash Care Wax Care Plus  Magic Cleaner
Intensity of use Everyday cleaning Everyday care Thorough cleaning
Floors in rooms which are not intensively used, e.g. living rooms, bedrooms Every
5-7 days
6-12 months
According visual assessment
Floors in areas which are used with average intensity, e.g. stairs, corridors, office spaces Every
3-5 days
3-6 months
According visual assessment
Floors in places which are intensively used, e.g. restaurants, shops, schools Every
1-3 days
1-2 times per month According visual assessment


All recommendations regarding the regularity of cleaning and caring for floors are given for reference only and depend on actual intensity of use. For these reasons they may not form the basis for warranty claims. Sand trailed or water spilt on the floor have very undesirable effects on it and it is vital to remove them.

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