BAUMESSER Diamond Core Drill Bits DDR-V KERAMIK PRO M14 Ø6-70

BAUMESSERSKU: 910283018041

Size: Ø6

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This is a PRO speed!

Every year the range of hard, frost-resistant porcelain tiles is expanding, the processing of which is becoming more and more complicated. For cutting and drilling such materials, you need a high-speed tool.
Vacuum drill bits Baumesser Keramik Pro are high-speed drill bits for all types of ceramics and porcelain tiles. High-strength diamond, fixed in a solid bond, forms developed cutting micro-cutters that effectively penetrate the ceramic material.


The average drilling speed of 10 mm porcelain tiles on an angle grinder is 7 seconds (5-15 seconds depending on the hardness of the material). The resource is 20-70 holes. It is recommended to set the speed of angle grinder in the range of 8000-11000 rpm.
Drilling should be performed in dry mode with swaying movements, avoiding pressure on the drill bit.
It is produced in the diameter range of 6-70 mm. It is used on angle grinder 125 and 115 mm.

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