DISTAR Diamond Cutting Blade 5D 1A1R GRANITE Ø115-400

DISTARSKU: 11115034009

Size: Ø115

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Diamond cutting blade DISTAR 1A1R GRANITE is used for the processing of granite and dense sandstone. This blade is able to provide the highest possible speed, while having a sufficiently high lifetime. An advantage of the tool is the perfect clean cutting, when processing materials in a wet manner.

It is used on table saws and tile cutters of any models having a mounting nest of 22.23 to 32 mm and allows the use of blades in diameters from 115 to 400 millimetres.

It has a sufficiently high lifetime, which reaches 700 running meters, while at the same time processing speed is up to 1.2 linear meters per minute.


 Long lifetime, clean cut
 Designed for professional processing of all types of granite

Edge Quality ✚✚✚✚✚
Speed ✚✚✚
Lifetime ✚✚✚✚✚


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