DISTAR Diamond Cutting Blade 7D 1A1R EDGE Ø200-250

DISTARSKU: 11120421015

Size: Ø200

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The DiSTAR 1A1R EDGE 7D diamond blade for precise wet cutting of stoneware and hard ceramics at an angle of 45 degrees.

Sandwich type of diamond layer includes coarse diamonds inside and fine diamonds on the sides. Special diamond layer and steel core design reinforces the blade and provides both high cutting performance and fine grinding of the edge.


The reinforced, thickened body ensures stiffness by preventing the blade from runout.
Three layers of diamond "sandwich" ensure cutting and edge grinding at the same time.
Highest cut quality on all types of tiles.
A thin diamond layer of 1.4 mm ensures very fast cutting due to less resistance.
An innovative product that there is no other on the market.

Edge Quality ✚✚✚✚
Speed ✚✚
Lifetime ✚✚✚✚


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