MECHANIC Diamond Blade Dressing Stone

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Especially design for sharpening all kinds of diamond blades, drills, and bits as well as polishing pads

Any diamond blade will get dull and lose its cutting features.
It occurs especially often while cutting nonabrasive - solid materials as porcelain gres, marble, ceramics, etc. Diamond grains are used and drop out, the processed material gets stuck to the diamond bond's surface. Temperature increases in the contact point, cutting quality and speed decrease, and the blade can overheat, burn, and stop. There is a high risk of damaging your tool and material.

The blades should be sharpened regularly to maintain the long life span and avoid related accidents.

The Mechanic ABRASIVE bar is perfect for sharpening diamond blades.

The size of the abrasive bar is 250x50x25mm.

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