MECHANIC SLIDER 45x115-125 2.0

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Sliding accessory attachment for 45° mitre cutting with your angle-grinder

45 degrees? It's easy!!!
45 degrees angle finishing becomes more and more popular during the tile-laying processing.
Such type of joint has a better aesthetic appearance comparing with direct joint and joint covered with different types of tile profiles.
However, the tile cutting at 45 degrees is quite a time-consuming process. New version 2.0 of the Slider 45 for angle grinder 115-125. The cutting tiles at 45 degrees is even easier and simpler now!


The accessory attachment is easily installed on the standard casing of the angle grinder for both 125 and 115 angle grinders.
- Use the scale to adjust the size of the angle cutting for your tasks.
- The increased size of the surface and stiffening ribs of the accessory is to ensure the precise positioning of the blade relative to the tile.
- A system of elimination of a gap – edge repeatability.
- Ergonomic plastic screws ensure precise adjustment.

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